7 very good reasons

Finally, there’s a travel mug that’s been designed with practical portability in mind. rCUP won’t leak, ever. It keeps your drink hot or cold and you can pick it up without scalding your hand. You can easily open it with one hand and take a sip while you’re on the move. And best of all, the drinking experience is great - you never have to drink your coffee through a tiny hole ever again.

1. Better for the world

Every purchase of an rCUP is funding a sustainable solution to global waste. The outer thermal insulation layer of rCUP is made from used paper coffee cups. Every one of us throws away 350 paper coffee cups each year on average. By switching to rCUP you save these from landfill and contribute directly to the recycling of the used coffee cups that slip through the net. Plus it’s been designed for least 10 years use and is 100% recyclable in the UK’s curbside recycling system.

2. A cup you really can recycle

There is a big difference between recyclable and actually recycled. Other reusable cups may claim to be recyclable - but they’re often made from materials that you can’t put out with your household recycling.  For example, most local authorities can’t process Silicon which features heavily on many reusable cups despite it being a recyclable material.

3. One-hand opening for life on the go

Our rCUP’s innovative design makes it quick and easy to open and close with one hand. Just one press to open and one press to close. Perfect when you’re on the go, on the phone or just juggling!

4. 100% leak proof

Functionality is everything. That’s why we’ve designed rCUP to be completely leak proof. No more splashing yourself with hot coffee or tea as you run for the train or bus. No more bottom of the bag disasters. No more near misses with your laptop or phone. You can carry rCUP anywhere without spilling a drop and pop it into your bag with confidence .

5. No fuss drinking

When we set out to design the best reusable coffee cup, the first thing we considered was how to get rid of the drinking hole. Our travel mug allows a 360 degree drinking experience so you never need to locate the hole or check which side to drink from. It means it’s perfect when you’re rushing around, driving or chatting and also great for people with disabilities.

6. Best for coffee drinkers

Being able to enjoy the smell of coffee is an essential part of a good drinking experience. In fact our sense of smell is responsible for up to 90% of that freshly ground coffee taste. With rCup you get to release the coffee aroma without the spills. Our ingenious design allows you to ‘open’ the cup and drink like you would from your favourite mug.

7. Insulated reusable cup

Unlike many reusable coffee cups, rCUP is insulated so it’s comfortable to hold and keeps your drink hotter or cooler for longer. In most cases your rCUP will keep your drink warm for over 90 minutes - plenty of time, even for the most slow-supping coffee drinker.

Warm wisdom

rCUP is well insulated and designed to keep your drink warm for far, far longer than any disposable coffee cup. And for at least as long as any comparable reusable coffee cup on the market. Which is great, but for how long, we hear you ask?

Well, we could just give you the laboratory-generated, optimum performance statistic that rCUP keeps your drink warm for over 2 hours, which is true, but we don’t know anyone that lives in a laboratory. So we did quite a few of our own ‘human condition’ tests to find the wisdom of the warmth. The graph below shows you our findings, with the consensus that 40° C is the lowest acceptable drinking temperature.

In most cases your rCUP will keep your drink warm for over 90 minutes - plenty of time, even for the most slow-supping coffee drinker. And generally speaking we found that rCUP loses about 10° C of heat for every 30 minutes. Not bad.

Something to watch out for though is that a freshly made latte will often vary in temperature - even starting from as low as 50° C. So check your latte. If it comes lukewarm, tell your Barista. Or drink with relative haste.

And while we don’t wish to preach the obvious, because rCUP is so easy to open and close - just pop – you should always keep your rCUP shut when you’re not drinking, to help your drink stay warmer for that little bit longer.



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