Why choose to use rCUP?

Updated: Jan 10

It’s made from recycled cups. We’ll start with everyone’s favourite fact, rCUP is 40% made from recycled single-use cups. As a point of pride, we take away from landfills and transform the waste material into something new. Our estimate is that 5.4 million single-use cups have been turned into rCUPs. That’s not bad considering (as of time of writing) rCUP has only been on sale for 18 months. In the future, we plan to achieve the unthinkable an rCUP made of 100% recycled materials!

Resilience We made rCUP to take a knock. From careful choices of plastic to ongoing durability tests (a special thank you to our testing robot – it’s currently pushed the top button down over 300,000 times as part of a reliability test) we wanted to be sure rCUP would outperform similar products.

Longevity As a minimum, we expect 10 years of use from an rCUP and we’ll replace any parts that don’t meet that minimum for free. In the future we’ll be backing up this claim with a takeback scheme to make sure rCUPs a decade down the road can be recycled into the next iteration of the product.

Careful production When planning our production process we knew there were certain elements we had to be careful of, with certain adhesives capable of causing health concerns, we employed a different type of process to bond our products together, avoiding the melamine scare that’s currently ongoing.

Leakproof Time after time we’ve passed leak tests thanks to our clever seals*, not having to worry about spilling your drink (unless the cup is open) means we can happily, wildly gesticulate in the office without drenching our co-workers, pets or children in whatever we’re drinking. Happy days! Additionally, we’ll replace any seals that don’t cut the grade (again, for free)

*Leakproof Sources:

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