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Updated: Jan 10

- We have been overwhelmed by the amount of people wanting to become a prototype tester, thanks for that! Unfortunalty this means we don't take in new testers, sorry! -

We’re always developing and improving our products. The rCUP is just the start. Find out how you can become a prototype tester and help us with product development.

Why do we need prototype testers?

We only have a finite amount of valuable resources left on this planet. We have to start designing and making products differently. We need to make sure today's waste is in tomorrow’s product. That’s what has driven the development of the rCUP. But we don’t plan to stop there. There are a whole range of new products on our drawing board right now.

We believe that creating amazing products that really work and are part of the circular economy - making today’s products from yesterday’s waste - is a brilliant way to help change behaviour. And it’s only through changes in our behaviour that we’ll be able to start taking better care of our environment and planet.

But the trick to new product design is making sure that the thing you’re designing really solves the problem it needs to and is genuinely useful.

That’s where prototype testers come in. We need people to put our new products to the test and let us know what works and what doesn’t. Interested?

What’s the gig?

Get in touch and tell us a little about yourself:

  • Name

  • Where in the world you are

  • Why you’re interested in being a tester

  • What sort of new product you’re most interested in

We’ll be in touch as soon as we can and let you know what products we’re looking for testers for.

If we both agree it’s a good fit - we’ll send you the prototype and you’ll be in charge of putting the prototype through its paces.

We’ll also supply you a list of specific testing tasks we’d like you to try and a set of questions and ratings for you to use to help us understand your feedback and the results of your testing.

Get in touch

Sorry, but at the moment we don't take in new prototype testers.

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