We are a team on a mission to make products that are sustainable, economical and great to use. rCUP is one of our best selling products and was designed by our team of experts, who are all passionate to change the way products are designed and manufactured. We have a closed loop philosophy that turns waste into valuable products.


As a group we constantly question, tinker and challenge the status quo to make better products.

Meet the team

Dan Dicker, managing director and founder

Dan is the founder of ashortwalk and leads the charge to develop a new generation of products for the circular economy. He began his career as a product designer at Dyson, but founded ashortwalk in 2003 with a view to meeting the challenge of creating new products from waste and closing the loop of product design. rCUP is the latest in a series of innovative and groundbreaking products that reuse waste and create value from the once valueless materials that were once destined for landfill.

Simon Dicker, sales and retail director

Simon is helping ashortwalk to reach the retail sector with ashortwalk’s ground-breaking new products. He’s been with the team for over a decade after a career in business development in local government.

Simon Langham, product development

Simon is a product innovator and strategist with more than twenty years of industry experience. During that time he has successfully delivered groundbreaking, better products into new and existing categories and markets – often faced with challenging time, cost and specification requirements. A leader with significant experience in commercial business, Simon specialises in product development, R&D, engineering, product marketing and product management, and can operate and influence effectively across all levels within global organisations. Simon spent more than 16 years in senior roles in Dyson and Joseph Joseph developing and launching many new products across global markets.

Ed Kosior, Nextek

Edwin is a photonics specialist with over 50 years’ extensive experience in the application of remote analysis of polymers (Raman). With his help the polymer that forms the shell of the rCup has been made possible.

Jonathan Mitchell, Nextek

Jonathan is a project engineer specialising in polymer engineering and polymer composites, with considerable experience in the development of polymer materials. His skill in material analysis and process improvement has proved invaluable when it comes to developing the rCup.

Harrison Webb

Harrison is a freelance designer based in Newquay, Cornwall. He worked for ashortwalk as part of the creative design team for a number of years during which time the idea for the rCup was born. He now provides a wide range of design services from product to web and worked closely with Dan on the branding, 3D modelling and graphics for the rCup.


rCUP 8oz / 227ml

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rCUP 12oz / 340ml

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