When we set out to design the best reusable coffee cup, we had coffee drinkers in mind.

Make the switch and reduce your coffee cupprint

According to the World Development journal over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are drunk in the world every day. A large number of these cups of coffee are drunk on the move in paper coffee cups.


On average, every one of us throws away 350 paper coffee cups each year. Because every one of our reusable coffee cups is made from six used paper cups, by switching to rCUP, you save these from landfill.


But it’s not just about the way we recycle used coffee cups that makes rCup so good. We also have respect for the coffee bean so when we set out to develop our cup we spoke to coffee lovers, world-class baristas and respected cafe owners to make sure we got it right.


Here’s what they loved:

Provides full coffee aroma

Experts know that our sense of smell is responsible for up to 90% of that freshly ground coffee taste. With rCUP you get to release the coffee aroma without the spills. Our clever lid allows you to experience the smell of every coffee.

Easy drinking when you’re on the go

Why pay for great coffee, only to drink it through a small hole on one side of the cup? Our reusable coffee cup is designed for 360° drinking so you can drink with ease and without the spills, just like your favourite mug.

"More and more customers are bringing reusable cups to my cafe to take away, so we've seen and tried dozens of styles and have got to know their pro's and cons. Having tried the rCUP, I was pleasantly surprised to find that you really can smell the coffee, which enhances the whole sensory pleasure of a well made brew. Sipping from a small hole, as you have to with most reusable cups, really isn't the best way to enjoy great quality coffee! And what´s also great; it's genuinely leak proof, you can throw it in in your bag with no worries at all"

Hugo Hercod, Former UK Barista Champion and owner of 'Relish Food and Drink' and 'Rising Ground Coffee'

Keeps coffee at the right temperature

According to baristas, and this is always a hot topic of discussion with them, coffee should be served at a temperature ranging from 91 to 96 degrees centigrade. Because rCUP is insulated, your coffee stays at this temperature for a little while longer.

Perfect size for your Aeropress

Our original rCUP is 340ml, making it the perfect companion for the aeropress coffee maker. So if, like us, you love to use aeropress to make your coffee, you’ll find it pairs beautifully with your rCUP reusable coffee cup. Especially useful when you’re on holiday, travelling or camping out in the wild.



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rCUP 12oz / 340ml

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