We used to think in straight lines. Now we think in circles. rCUP has been specifically designed to contribute to the circular economy of recycling, reusing and reducing waste.

The big picture

Every purchase of an rCUP is funding a sustainable solution to global waste. On our planet 500 million cups are made and thrown away every year. This uses 200 million trees and enough energy to power 530,000 homes.


Every one of us throws away 350 paper cups each year on average. By switching to rCUP you save these from landfill and contribute directly to the recycling of the used coffee cups that slip through the net.

Take, make, waste

Very sadly and frustratingly we still develop and make products without thinking of the consequences. We take wood from trees, minerals from the land and oil from the earth to make things we might only use once. When we’re finished with these things we just throw them back into the ground never to be seen or used again. It’s often called the linear model.

The WWF predict that by 2050 we will already start to run out of the world’s natural resources. That’s why we’re committed to closing the loop on product design. This way natural resources stay natural, and the landfill starts to shrink.

Bending the straight line

The rCUP reusable cup is made from waste, designed to last as long as possible and is 100% recyclable. It’s one of a new generation of products that sees today’s waste as tomorrow’s product. Part of the new circular economy.


Applying a circular model to what we do with the things we don’t want or need any more not only reduces waste it also drives the economy. In this case, we’re creating a new demand for the once worthless paper cup.  This demand increases the value of the cup which enables recycling firms to invest in the infrastructure required to recycle them.


We think that once people realise that the paper cup they’re about to throw away has a value they will be more likely to seek out the right bin and make sure it is recycled.


To turn this vision into reality, we’re working with the coffee cup industry, and contributing a percentage of rCUP profits, to develop the first coffee cup recycling plant in the UK.

"We have a choice, in spite of what is in front of us, to purchase consciously and behave responsibly. We should value good choices highly, because their impact will last longer than anything that we make."

Jill Scott,

Clean Cornwall

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